Roller coating aluminum veneer is introduced
roller coating aluminum veneer is introduced
Roller coating aluminum veneer coating color is rich, coating film thickness uniformity, good gloss and exquisite texture, large area is used very ideal, and not easily attached to the dust and pollutants, than the performance of the coating is relatively rough, spraying aluminum plate. Pre roller coating aluminum coating produced in industrial continuous roll coating line, the color of the coating, coating and paint are one-time completed, there is no color difference problem.
In recent years, with the continuous development of global economy and domestic economy, all kinds of new building materials, including pre roller coated aluminum sheet, with its high quality, cost-effective, green environmental protection and other advantages, is gradually accepted by building materials market at home and abroad. More than the current domestic high precision roller coating production line, with continuous and stable production thickness is 0.8 ~ 3.0 mm, width is 1900 mm high quality, more colour roller coating aluminum plate, for roller coating aluminum veneer market provides a stable raw material guarantee.
Second, the advantages of roller coating aluminum veneer
Roller coating aluminum veneer for the domestic most advanced coating technology, coating plate the thickness of 0.8-0.8 mm. Coating quality has reached the domestic leading level.
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