Coated aluminium coil is introduced

Aluminum coil coating principle

Aluminum coil coating color is made by precision roller coating machine after pretreatment of aluminum coil coating evenly coated on the surface of the same thickness, uniform into the oven with exhaust system, use infrared, NIA (near infrared) or hot blast circulation methods such as baked baked curing process. Under certain temperature, couplet membrane, a complete coating with a certain thickness.

A typical coating aluminum coil coating line

The development direction of coating on aluminium roller
On the pretreatment, the conventional spraying pretreatment system, is to strive for more automatic control device, by monitoring the processing solution to improve efficiency and save the potion.
In terms of coating, to vigorously strengthen the quick dry water soluble paint research, in order to reduce the use of dilution solvent, to meet the requirements of high speed machine. Efficient coating developed at the same time, improve the density of coating, processability and corrosion resistance. Highly efficient means under the premise of guarantee quality, less dosage of coating, low baking temperature, baking time is short.
Facing on the process route of transformation of the traditional processing methods and the selection and combination of on-site dry rinse method. For the pretreatment of the cheap automatic monitoring device of research is in progress.
On the way of baking, abroad have begun to use of NIR near-infrared light baking technology, energy saving 17% ~ 25%.
In addition my company can provide customers with the same custom realistic imitation wood grain, wood or stone material imitation stone aluminum coil, and according to the customer request length cutting.

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