Aluminum magnesium manganese roof plate profile

Product introduction:

Aluminum magnesium manganese roofing system is a kind of vertical side whipstitch roof pressure plate, good look and feel and excellent performance, convenient installation, does not need to punch, board face intact, with excellent waterproof performance.

Aluminium magnesium, manganese series roof board, continuous rolling of aluminum alloy coil, production and processing at the scene, length, produce to meet the requirements without longitudinal lap, eliminates the hidden danger of roof leakage.

Roofing system in the form of: 1, the standard roofing system; 2, multi-functional roofing system; 3, large span roof system; 4, double roofing system

Aluminum and magnesium, manganese series roofing system, advocate material from 3004, 3005 aluminum magnesium manganese aluminum coil continuous rolling forming, coating production process by the introduction of advanced equipment in Taiwan, the United States technology, precision under the state of closed dust-free coating; Coating of aluminium coil can be directly in the construction site after pressed into roof board, installation is simple, without longitudinal lap, board face intact; Seven color metal roofing system also has good ability to resist wind pressure, after the vertical side whipstitch can eliminate heat bilges cold shrink stress, no deformation, pulled off the whole system through the hole, high corrosion, waterproof performance. The product modeling covers, monoblock, fan-shaped plate, bending plate, plate, provides designers with a variety of choice, fully meet the architectural design concept. Along with the social development, metal roofing system gradually become the industrys star!

Second, the roofing system features:

1, no connection, no screw holes, building complete appearance

2, can be made inner arc bending and outer arc

3, can choose different material and color

4, the overall structural waterproofing and drainage function

5 small to 1.5 °, can be used in the slope of the roof

6, good wind resistance (floor), especially suitable for typhoon, storm more area

7, can eliminate heat bilges cold shrink stress

8, machine volume, simple, fast, convenient construction, economy

9, facilitate laid insulation sound-absorbing layer

10, no chemical sealing glue, exempt from pollution and aging

11, roof needs no maintenance

12, can be in site production

Three, the characteristics of the system:

1. Good wind resistance, lock wont be pulled off after deformation;

2. Can eliminate heat bilges cold shrink stress

3. The overall structural waterproof and drainage function

4. Can be produced in the scene, without overlapping, roof integrity is strong

5. Can be used for smaller slope roof (> 1.5 °)

6. No screw hole, anti-corrosion performance improvement, building complete and beautiful appearance

7. Simple and quick fit machine, construction is convenient, economic and fast

8. Without chemical sealing glue, exempt from pollution and aging

9. Hot and cold bridge, ventilation moistureproof design

Four, choice of materials

Roof and wall system can be used very material and surface treatment, in addition to the aluminum alloy surface, the system also provides other special surface treatment, such as PVDF fluorocarbon coatings as well as standard primary hammer surface, etc. With the latest surface treatment and processing technology, it can provide a series of effect and surface treatment products, and can choose almost any kind of color coating.

raw material


Aluminium,magnesium, manganese 


Stainless steel




Anodic oxidation of aluminum alloy


Aluminum and zinc plating (caigang)


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