PFM aluminum veneer

The third generation of architectural aluminum act the role of material - PFM aluminum veneer by aluminum veneer, sandblasting surface treatment layer and a layer of inorganic coating, high-grade aluminum alloy as the main material, through a variety of processing and shaping process from sheet metal workshop, is a kind of wall decoration materials has superior performance. Porcelain veneer on the surface of aluminum coating adopts advanced ceramic coating system, is designed for external surface of the aluminum plate and development of inorganic coating, in order to play its unique functions. Ceramic coating system has excellent durability, chemical corrosion resistance, good hardness and absolute good fire prevention, insulation performance. Because of its excellent performance, it can withstand exposure to the sun for long, the bad weather, acid rain, damp environment, automobile exhaust, industrial pollutants, especially showed the characteristics of easy to clean.

Product features:

1, polluting: with ceramics have repellent and corrosion resistance of various chemical solvent.

2, good economy: ceramic coatings under - 50 ℃ and 1700 ℃ above just react, so even if there is pollution adhesives can also be easily water recovery, and can produce cleaning effect, that is, every time it rains. On the color and gloss retention than general coatings is superior.

3, stable structure, like after a long time of weathering rock or ceramics also wont produce change, ceramic has unique structure stability. Pure inorganic resin and inorganic pigment formation of three dimensional network structure can be in the ultraviolet, acid rain and the wind, the external environment, such as thermal radiation in prolonging the life of the building.

4, good heat resistance, construction materials noncombustible (flame retardant level) : composed of inorganic coating and inorganic pigment ceramic coating for fire prevention performance level, so by combustion produces toxic gases in the fire.

5, the color of the building diversified: ceramics have strict selection of inorganic pigment color, provide consumers with a variety of colour and lustre of adjustable, make the space of the decorate a design more broad. Application scope: porcelain aluminum veneer is suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor metal curtain wall plate, suitable for indoor and outdoor, railway stations, airports, subway, light rail, the pavilion, underground passage, hospitals and other places.

PFM aluminum veneer manufacturing process:

1, sheet metal processing, designed by the computer, check to confirm, graphics, aluminum plate cutting and open Angle line, folding, welding, polishing, inspection process.

Part 2, pretreatment: coordination of electrical control equipment, dust removal by computer, compressed air, sand and separation material recycling system, computer monitor sandblasting process, cleaning, hanging frame of process.

Part 3, spraying porcelain: by preheating, baking, coating processing, spraying on the surface and working procedure of products made by the above process.

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